Vermont Butcher Block

September 13, 2007

Well, it’s my first blog entry.  What do I say?  I’ll start by saying, “WELCOME to our new website!”     Please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions and mis-spellings to and we’ll get them cleared up.  Feel free to place an order or two as well while you’re looking around our site. (Someone has to pay for the new site!)

Anyway, we started the year out yearning for a paper catalog that would list our products and better inform customers about them.  Our newly hired marketing firm talked me into having our website rebuilt to a friendlier format as initially we were working on a shoestring budget website.  Following the website rebuild, we would be able to come out with a catalog that would be cohesive with our website.  It all sounded great in theory.  I didn’t have time to spare, they were slow getting out of the gate and the site took much more time to build than anyone who was involved anticipated.  It’s done and I’m really glad!  Next was the catalog.

What we finally decided is that due to the environmental impact of a new catalog with all that paper and chemicals (along with the cost), we would be better off producing a give-away CD of all our products and offerings.  Then we took it one step further and decided that anyone that had a computer to play a CD would have internet access and would be able to pull up our site.  (Hello, this is 2007) Scratch the catalog, scratch the CD/DVD catalog and now we’re going to come out with a high quality brochure that points customers and people to our website.  Stay tuned for that……and e-mail us if you would like one.

We did re-design our logo last year and I think it came out great.  Thanks to Ted Kohn of  Our logo appears on our website and is laser engraved into all of our pieces.

Another milestone this year was our new wooden utensil line.  We consulted a number of local chefs from a “top 3” culinary school and they all agreed on several principles, or must haves.  They wanted sturdy, strong pieces that were made in the USA, Vermont to be more specific since that’s where we all live.  Having flimsy shaped handles or whimsical designs was a turn-off, they wanted reliability, durability, and good strong utensils that wouldn’t discolor or break at the sign of hard work.  They also wanted the ability to hang the utensils, possibly from a hanging pot rack or on the wall.  Our utensils come standard pre-dipped in mineral oil and also have a leather hanging loop attached.  A big WELCOME to our utensil line in Maple, Walnut and Cherry!  If the handle ever snaps from overuse, we’ll replace the spoon at no charge!  

We can also engrave names and messages on the spoons to add to their charm.  Shortly after the Maple line came out, we engraved 30 spoons with a logo and restaurant names for a chapter of Meals on Wheels to give out to supporting restaurants.  They just look great in our pottery utensil crocks.  

A number of times per week we get asked why we don’t carry other Vermont products.  Well, now we do!   We have Danforth Pewter, Richard’s BBQ and hot sauces  (famous here in Vermont),   Wooden bowls by Woodburys of Vermont,  Bag Balm, the worlds best skin moisturizer, Way Out Wax Candles, the environmentally friendly aromatherapy candles, some pottery from local potters, and there’s going to be more to come.  Whether you need a wedding gift, a kitchen enthusiast gift, or you just want to treat yourself, our website has become the place to shop for Vermont items!

So how has business been going?  Well, things have been going really well since our inception in 2004.  Our internet orders are very strong along with our custom orders and our repeat customers.  We’ve added some very prestigious customers to our portfolio and we’ll include some of the products and customers in future blog updates.

Signing off for now, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments or if you are interested in ordering some of our products!  

David Glickman, Owner

Written by David Glickman — March 23, 2012