Vermont Butcher Block

November 26, 2007

Well, it's been a bit longer than I had expected to write my blog entry, but here goes: 
My in-laws were here for Thanksgiving and cooked above and beyond their capabilities and made a great meal that I've had every night for 4 nights in a row.  The food was just amazing.  I hope everyone reading my blog has had a great Thanksgiving as well.
The holiday season is here!  After starting out our holiday season with a 500+ piece order, we have had several larger orders right behind it.  At the same time, we're handling many one and two piece orders every day.  Our shop has a great "hum" to it and everyone is really pitching in to get the job done and get the orders out.  Did I mention that I have great employees?
Other highlights of our past few weeks were the Fine Art and Craft show at the Sheraton in South Burlington.   We had our best show ever just before Thanksgiving.  We've started talking with Orvis about possibly having one of our pieces in their catalog.  We've also started talking with a local pewter company about possibly making them a custom line of products.  Our Chef Kelly line has taken shape and is now starting to become available on our site.  More Chef Kelly items will be forthcoming and his website is: .

I'm still waiting to have lunch with the Governor and I've also had a VERY large retail company approach me about carrying one of our lines.  We'll see what happens there. 
On our customer service front, I wanted to include a flattering customer feedback quote in my blog to highlight our great customer service,

"Dear David,  That is most kind for you to offer to do that. Now this is good old excellent customer service that one seldom sees much this day and age. I would surely appreciate it if you could send me two of your 8 oz. bottles. With the invoice enclosed I would be quite pleased to send a check off to you in the following day's mail pickup... You likewise are so too and quite refreshing to find. That said, I truly appreciate your trust and willingness therefore to simplify things by offering to simply send this mineral oil to me and allowing me to pay for it once received via a mailed check. So many things, it would seem, are going to heck in this country these days more and more, but this is an instance of good old American goodness and quality in business practice. 
Thanks Roy, enjoy your mineral oil!

Just another update, our wine group is December 1st, so hopefully I’ll have a funny story for you after that!

TTFN,  David

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012