Vermont Butcher Block

December 10, 2007

As the Backyardigans song goes, “Were in the thick of it”  and they repeat it a whole lot of times to a catchy tune.  (with our 3 girls of 4/4/6, I tend to watch or hear Noggin a whole lot.)

We are in the thick of the gift buying season.  We were doing well working to get our largest order ever out the door when a bunch of smaller orders, all needing to be engraved came in.  We’ve shipped ½ of the large order and will ship the other half on Wednesday/Thursday.   We’ll all be glad when that one is out the door.  It turns out that production is not the bottleneck, it’s actually the laser engraving.  Who would have thought?

Our local wine group was last week and we tasted wines from Spain.  I’ll tell you that the wines were good, everyone had their favorite, but the food was awesome!  JoAnne out did herself.  There weren’t any stand out funny stories, but it was just nice to get away and relax for the evening.

As our customers purchase items every day, we’re proud to be able to ship most items same day.  I had heard that Sur-La-Table was no longer shipping their engraved cutting boards as of December 1st.  Rest assured, we’re still shipping it for Christmas arrival up until UPS says, “No Mas.”   I think they should find a better supplier.

As for snow conditions, we’ve gotten clobbered with 14” last week and this week we have a lot of flurries planned.  Got to run, the phone is ringing off the hook!

Happy Hanukah to all of our Jewish customers as we light the Menorah here as well.


Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012