Vermont Butcher Block

January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!  WHEW…….The holiday rush is over and we’re almost back to business as usual.   We’ve cleaned the shop, removed our extra packing and shipping stations, and we’ve taken a few days to relax and refocus on the year to come.  We’ve also cleaned out the sawdust from every crevice it has gotten in to.

Our holiday season was just tremendous, keeping all of us very busy.  In the middle of our holiday rush, we got the green light from Chef Daniel Boulud ( ) to proceed with his custom designed charcuterie trays.  It’s an honor to do work for him even if it came at our busiest point of the year.  None-the-less, we were able to fill 100% of our orders by X-mas unlike some of the mass-manufacturers out there who had really early cutoffs for their products.

Now is the time when we’re going to reflect on last year and see what we did right, what we did not so right and what we can do differently this year to help increase our efficiencies and help us increase our business. 

We have a lot of new things planned for this year which we’ll start working on shortly.  Please stay tuned and check our site often as new items are going to appear including our line of lazy susans that are beyond beautiful.  We make them from Bird’s Eye Maple and Tiger Maple.  We also use a high quality mechanism and sink the mechanism into the base so our lazy susans stay low to the table and work really smoothly.

We’ll be exhibiting at the New England Products Trade Show this year ( ) to help us get the word out about our spoon line.

Stay tuned for more,

TTFN, David

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012