Vermont Butcher Block

February 11, 2008

Well, our Daniel Boulud pieces were a hit, and I’m tired of talking about it! (not really)  Anyway, the piece was featured in Time-Out New York and the article is posted to our “in the news” section.  One of our local papers also picked up the story and I’ve posted a copy of that.  Our other “local” paper said that our story about Daniel Boulud wasn’t really news and we should contact them again if we had some really big news! I won’t mention their name.  (WILLISTON OBSERVER)  Ooops, did I say that?

On to more important things!  We are attending the New England Products Trade Show in Portland, ME on March 15, 16, 17th if anyone reading this is planning on or thinking about attending.  I will be there, and if you mention my blog, I’ll give you a free gift!  No Mom, this doesn’t count you.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!  For those who didn’t know, last weekend was the Chinese New Year. We celebrated the Year of the Rat by attending a 16 course dinner at A Single Pebble in Burlington, VT.  Food was awesome!  It was so loud and there were so many kids there, I really needed to bring my shop headphones with the radio in them to block out the noise.  I told my wife, next year I am going to bring my headphones!

This past Sunday, I was also tapped to be a judge at a cooking contest.  There were 5 teams of chefs and the charge was to prepare an oyster appetizer and a chocolate dessert in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  What a great contest to judge!

Until Next time,  TTFN

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012