Vermont Butcher Block

April 4, 2008

Well, well, well, where do I start?  I must apologize, it’s been way too long since my last blog entry.  I do have a good reason though!  Well, it’s not really a good reason, it’s a stupid reason.  I broke my ankle in two places!!  Yes, I’m a Vermont transplant who, on March 4th,  was walking to the garage to get some salt because the driveway was slippery, and sure enough, down I went and broke my tibia and my fibula.

1 surgery, 8 screws and 1 plate later, I’m now on crutches and will set off every metal detector within 50 feet of my ankle.  I’m healing very well and doing as well as can be on crutches.  While in a cast, my brother took me over the NEPTS (wholesale) show in Portland, Maine.  We had a great response to our products and landed a bunch of new wholesale accounts.  Thanks Mike!  I also had 5 days of bonding with my brother, which was a great by-product of my accident.  He really came through when I needed someone, as my wife was now in charge of our 3 little ones.  

Now that it’s April, the snow is finally melting and the mud season begins.  I heard a great joke the other day.  Vermont has two seasons, Winter and 4th of July.

Our business has been strong and better than ever.  The one challenge that we’re dealing with is that people we extend credit to now pay net 60, net 90 or net 120 instead of the usual net 30 that we offer.  That’s been a bit of a challenge, but we’re adjusting our expectations, AND our cash flow!  Happy Spring to everyone!


Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012