Vermont Butcher Block

June 17, 2008

Well, coming down off of a high such as being reviewed by Cooks Illustrated, I think  we might have jumped the shark.  (Happy Days reference)  OK, just kidding, we haven’t yet jumped the shark, we’re still swimming and doing well at that!

In our “in the news ” section, I have posted screen captures of a friend and Chef, Curtiss Hemm using our products on his bi-weekly cooking show on WCAX TV.  The anchorwoman, Judy Simpson, actually came over to the shop and bought some of our spoons!  We’re famous now!!!

I heard a funny joke the other day, “Vermont has two seasons, Winter and Fourth of July”  Well, we’re in the start of our really nice weather of 80’s and have already had a 3 day humid streak with temps in the 90’s.  My kids are now out of school and cannot wait to go on vacation.   We’re going to venture down to the “armpit of America” –New Jersey for our 3rd year in a row.  Cape May for all of you New Jersey aficionados.  On the way back, we’re going to visit cousins and grandparents.  We’re also visiting cousins and grandparents in Detroit later in the summer!  Aren’t I lucky, New Jersey and Detroit this summer!!

Our first of three craft shows is next month.  We’re exhibiting and selling at the Stowe Craft Fair. ( )  At that show, we’re going to showcase our new burl candle holders.  They make great table centerpieces!  We’ll post them online shortly.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer!


Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012