Vermont Butcher Block

September 29, 2008

Business is going strong, sales are strong, and we’re busy!!  We’re preparing for our two upcoming holiday craft shows, the first one is October 10-12 in Stowe, VT.  ( )  The second is the weekend before Thanksgiving.  ( )   Both shows will hopefully be really busy for us.  If you’re going to visit us at either show, please visit the sponsor’s website for coupons!

We’ve started to get corporate holiday orders in and that’s been great for business as well.  What’s been bothering me lately is that our sawdust removal farmer as stopped coming.  The sawdust we make has been piling up in the driveway and we need to get rid of it!  If per chance you need a few tons of sawdust, please feel free to call.  I’ll give him one more week to show, then we’re going to post it to craig’s list!

We’ve been adding functionality to our website, now engraving options are available when you order each cutting board, butcher block or spoon.   

As for new product, we’re adding engraved wine coasters!  We bought some surplus walnut and maple circles of wood that was destined for the kindling pile and we’re converting them into beautiful wine bottle coasters that we can personalize for you!

Happy shopping and please buy American this holiday season!!

TTFN,  Davi

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012