Vermont Butcher Block

January 7, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Well, it’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride this past several months.  As usual, I would like to apologize for not being more prompt in my blog postings.  I have made it a new year’s resolution to post on a regular basis! 

If you don’t already subscribe to our newsletter, (you can join on our home page) I wanted to let you know that our “Give Away a Cow” promotion was launched with great success!  We had several companies come close to the required $25,000 order, but none got over that threshold to win their very own live COW.    We intend to continue this promotion next year starting in September 09, watch the newsletter for details!

2008 was a great year for us.  The economy tanked, but our business stayed strong through the end of the year and we had a great year for a smaller, BUT GROWING company!  Gas prices have certainly helped us, along with our employees feel the pinch a bit less.  We’re pitching to several large accounts this year in hopes that we can continue to expand our reach across the United States.  We’ve definitely seen a push towards “Made in the USA.”

This year we’re coming out with some new and exciting products including cedar planks, trivets, and more!  We’re also launching another venture to help deal with our mountains of scrap wood we generate.  Stay tuned for that as well.  Remember, we’re in Vermont, my kids tell me every day, “REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE.”


Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012