Vermont Butcher Block

April 2009

Well, here we are mid April and the snow is (hopefully) finally gone.  We had a sprinkling the other day, but no accumulation!   I just returned from a week in Mexico with my family and my extended family so no complaints on the weather.  We had a great time and the temperature was 87 degrees for most of the trip, I know, tough life, but someone has to do it. 

BIG NEWS HERE, we have a new mascot! Yes, that’s right, The Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company now has a German Shepherd Puppy!  The motivation behind a GSD was part companion for my kids, part companion for me, and part security for my home.  She’s already proven to be a great addition to the family.  I’ll post a picture as soon as I stop making 2am trips out to the pee-tree.  Duke joins our family of Ella and Marlee who are employees’ dogs.  Guess we’re going to have to move forward with that chain link fence for a recreation area!

I always wonder when our business will slow, but, so far, we’re having a great year and have a few large companies looking to add our products to their lines.  We also just received a large order for a new product, butcher block tables.  We’ll post a picture of them later as well.

TTFN, David

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012