Vermont Butcher Block

May 19, 2009

As everyone in the United States feels the pinch of the economy, we’re fortunate that our sales are staying strong.  We’ve just finished a large order for a company in NYC, here’s two pictures of one of the finished tables we made along with an underside picture of the supporting angle iron and walnut cross beam.  These pieces were made from FSC Certified Walnut.

Our new mascot Duke is growing like a weed and has surpassed the 15 lb mark.  As a full grown German Shepherd, she will eventually reach 70-80 lbs.  Hopefully not too much more.  Boy, she’s cute as a button and great with our kids and other dogs of our employees.

Our “free dirt” promotion was a success and we cleared up the pile of compost/topsoil that lingered on my driveway after we planted our garden and strawberry pyramid.    For those of you wishing to attend our Spring Open Shop sale, it has been postponed to sometime in June/July because we were backed up with our table order and had tables everywhere!  We didn’t want them to get dinged up and we had no room to maneuver!

Rumor has it that one of our pieces is pictured in a national magazine, but until it’s confirmed, I can’t name the publication.  Details/pictures to come!

I usually comment on the weather, as everyone up here focuses on it.  It’s been cold, but when the sun’s out, it’s heaven.  I can’t wait until we can count on warm days as a regular feature of summer! 

TTFN, David

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012