Vermont Butcher Block

June 1, 2009

Update on the weather, it’s still cold.  It was 39 degrees this AM, but it does get warmer as the day goes on.  Our kids only have 2 weeks left of school, soon they can sleep in and there won’t be a morning mad dash to get them packed and on the school bus.  That means that Mommy and Daddy can sleep in a bit as well.

I have a rant that I need to get off of my chest.  I had a customer call me and ask me about bamboo and bamboo cutting boards.   This customer pretty much accused us of not selling environmentally friendly products.  They went  on to say that we should start selling bamboo cutting boards because they are made from sustainable woods and they are better for the environment.  At the time, I wasn’t 100% prepared to answer this particular customer’s “suggestions”, but after thinking about it, I have come up with a few reasons of why we’re going  to keep doing what we’re doing!
Bamboo cutting boards are made in China or Japan.   I love both countries, I have ties to one of them and hold nothing against China or Japan.  These cutting boards and bamboo products are shipped over to us using tons of fossil fuels and emitting tons of green house gasses.  Add to that that many rural areas are losing forest land to clear cutting for bamboo growing and manufacturing.  In addition, there is no standard for monitoring pesticide uses on bamboo, and more and more manufacturers are using pesticides to increase yields. Most manufacturers use formaldehyde or unsafe resins in laminating the bamboo and when you do cut on the bamboo board, you’re cutting on glue or resin, and not wood.  This dulls your knives quicker.  I cannot tell you how many bamboo pieces I see in stores that are split before they’re purchased.  Don’t get me wrong, bamboo cutting boards/utensils are pretty, and it is your choice to buy what you like or think is the proper choice, but don’t think that they are better for the environment than USA made products, that’s a myth.

I stand behind our products and am glad that we sell products made right here in Vermont made from Vermont hardwoods! 

TTFN, David

Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012