Vermont Butcher Block

August 25, 2009

Boy, so much as happened, the summer has gone by so quick and I have a lot to say, please read on.

One of my friends from college mentioned this on facebook, “We’re calling it ‘global wetting’ instead of global warming.”  Too bad he hasn’t trademarked that one!  It has been a wet summer for us!  It rains constantly then intermittently, then constantly again.  This past week, we have finally had some summer weather. And some summer campfires.

On a personal note, we took a trip to the Jersey Shore, once a Jersey boy, always a Jersey boy!  We went to LBI as children and now I take my family back to Cape May every year.  We also visited Susan’s family in Maine. (that one was a trip, and not a vacation, no offense Audrey, I had fun.)

Now with school starting in the next week or two, it’s back to waking up at oh six thirty and trying to wake up the children to get them on the school bus.

We displayed at the NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair) at the Jacob Javits Center last week.  Sales were strong and we picked up a number of new wholesale customers.  We had several great media experiences including being interviewed by the Jewish Channel.  If anyone see’s us on the Jewish Channel, please send us an e-mail!  I really made the young Jewish female reporter blush when she asked me for my phone number before the interview.  I said, “Boy, you’re pretty forward, isn’t it too soon for that?”  She turned bright red and blushed before she realized I was joking.  I guess that joke helped us either get on the air, or onto the cutting room floor.  Not sure which yet.

More media interactions to follow.  Be well  and I hope you have had a great summer.


Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012