Vermont Butcher Block

April 2010

Well, it looks like Winter 2009/10 is finally releasing it’s grasp and allowing Spring 2010 to move in.  It was a mild winter with no weeks of sub zero wind chill where you’re afraid to let the kids leave the house and only two severe snow storms.  One of which happened while we were in Key West, Florida J! 

In these uncertain economic times, people should be somewhat conservative, and reserved, not taking unwarranted risks.  That said, We’re going to open our first COMPANY STORE!!!!  There it is, I said it.  That’s our huge company announcement!  We’ve signed a lease and construction is well under way.  We’re going to open on May 1st.  The location is 173 College Street, in Burlington, Vermont.  A link to the store’s page will be created later on our site and it will provide up to date info including hours, directions, and more.  By the way, the Burlington Farmer’s Market starts May 8th this year.


Written by David Glickman — May 03, 2012