Vermont Butcher Block

Well, It finally aired!  How did we do?  I thought I did really well in front of the sharks.  At the end, they made me out to seem desperate for a deal, but I  was trying to put together a deal with the two people I really wanted to be in business with, Mark and/or Robert.  There was a lot of editing done as well.  I actually stood in front of them and talked to them for 1.5 hours.  Regardless, I had a BLAST!  What an experience it was and  I can cross another thing off my bucket list.  If you don't have one yet, you should make a bucket list!  

Lori and I obviously don't agree on bacterial issues, coincidentally  she sells a line of antimicrobial boards on QVC.  I'm OK with that, we sell to different markets and different customers for different purposes!  There are articles to prove both sides of the argument and I respect Lori tremendously for her business acumen.  

I do know that our products make much better house warming, wedding, teacher, and family heirloom gifts than plastic cutting boards.  As for Kevin wanting to outsource our products to China, well, Kevin is just Kevin, enough said.  BTW, he's dead to me :)   Personally, I can only imagine that he's nice guy outside his show persona. 

Both Mark and Robert were perfect gentlemen and both great people.  Daymond was a little silly on the set, and got off track quite often, but he seemed like a nice person.  I hear he's going to make us our own line of tie dye t-shirts to sell.

Again, thanks for all of your support, without our customers, we wouldn't be making beautiful wood products.

David  (

Written by David Glickman — May 05, 2013