Vermont Butcher Block

Corporate & Promotional

Here at the Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company, we love corporate orders! We're happy to talk to you and discuss your needs to see how we can help you out! From start to finish, we'll help you along in the process of picking out a gift by making appropriate suggestions for just about any budget. You can e-mail me, personally, at with any questions! (one question: Did you get the owner's e-mail address from any of the larger companies you've been dealing with?)


Is there different Pricing for larger orders?
YES, we do discount larger orders, so the prices you see online will be different than what you will pay.

Do you have any examples of gifts?
YES, please see below!

We're short of time, can we do these quickly?
YES, we are a small business and very flexible with delivery schedules!


We made 187 hand turned cocobolo pens for a large law firm. We made the pens, engraved individual names on each pen, engraved the company logo on the pen box, and even gift wrapped all 187 packages and added cards sent to us by the law firm. We then took them to the post office and mailed all of them. (the post office wasn't too happy with us) Below is a picture of the truck loaded with all of the pens and then an actual pen that was engraved.


Cheese Boards

We made these custom designed cheese boards for RR Donnelley, a Madison Avenue (NYC) marketing firm. They handled the Harry Potter series and gave these pieces out to their clients at an event.

Engraved Spoons

Some of these spoons were used by a Texas Petroleum testing company to give out as gifts to their customers. The client followed up with us and told us they were a huge success! We’ve also engraved spoons with logos or entwined hearts (for a wedding) in the bowl. We can do just about any sort of engraving on our spoon line! Here’s a picture of spoons we did to benefit PAWS Celebrity Beach Brunch. (charities might be eligible for special pricing as well.)


Cutting Boards & Trivets

These cutting boards were done for a distributor of Budweiser and Corona. We made them out of Maple with a Cherry border. They looked beautiful, so pretty that UPS actually lost a few of them! Of course they never turned up and we replaced them. I’ll bet a few UPS employees have great cutting boards at home, not that I’m accusing anyone of anything..... We have made some Corona Trivets for a distributor, shown below, their logo looked great on this Cherry Trivet! (Bud Cutting board picture coming soon)

Pepper Mills

When a winery needed our services, we rose to the challenge! They needed 125 Walnut Pepper Mills, engraved on each side with their logo, and they needed them really quickly! Below are a few pictures, one of the mills waiting to be engraved and the other one is of the actual engraving. What a great, long lasting, made in the USA gift!


Butcher Blocks

When the Rockwell Group needed our services, we jumped into action. They needed gifts for the people involved in opening Bobby Flay Steak at the Borgata in Atlantic City. We made the below butcher blocks, according to their specific requirements. The Walnut and Maple mimicked the floors of mesquite and brass in the floor of the new restaurant.

Custom Pieces

Made for a new steakhouse opening in Oregon, these “steak plates” were made from solid walnut and engraved with the restaurant name. What a great idea for a meat company gift! Yes, we can engrave individual names on them!

Candy Plates and Dishes

This piece is a combination bowl/plate that measures roughly 8” square and has a depression in the middle. They make a great candy tray/plate or a chocolate serving dish. One of our customers, a car dealership, presents their customer’s new car keys on one! Corporate logos or messages can be engraved on them as well! (logos can be engraved on all of our pieces!)