Vermont Butcher Block

Corporate Gifts & Gift Packages

As with any corporate gift, you want QUALITY!  Nothing is worse than giving a crappy gift that gets shoved in a drawer and never used or just plain re-gifted.  Your gift should represent quality and reliability that your customers have come to expect from you!  Your gift should also have your logo and/or contact information on it somewhere.   **That's where we come in!** 

  • One to 10,000 pieces
  • Can fit budgets from $10.00 and up.  The sky is really the limit!
  • Send to you in bulk, or,
  • Send directly to your clients - gift-wrapped!
  • Enclose a provided card or a printed note on one of our gift cards
  • Produce and ship according to YOUR arrival date
  • We keep your info on file so the next time you need an engraved gift, just e-mail us, it's that easy!
  • We aim to please your clients! (as well as you)
Please call us at 800-980-8066 or e-mail David at if you have any questions about corporate gifts! 

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