Custom Countertops

Custom Dimension Butcherblock Countertop - Kitchen Image

If the task of working and finishing one of our blanks seems a little too daunting, let us do all the work!

You give us this... ...we'll do all the work... you get THIS!
Vermont Butcherblock Company - Custom Countertop Sketch
Vermont Butcherblock Company - Custom Countertop - Jeremy
Vermont Butcherblock Company - Custom Countertop Installed
This is what we excel at doing - crafting custom-made Butcherblock Countertops that are designed by you, built for you. Use our LAYOUT  FORM to tell us how you'd like it...we'll take it from there.  

Installation is available, although this typically only applies to custom orders in Northern Vermont.  However, being the nice guys that we are, if it is mid-winter in Vermont and you live somewhere that is sunny and snow-free, we might be able to work something out...don't be afraid to ask!

Choices you'll need to make:

Wood species

Grain type

Edge treatment

Corner detail

Finish treatment



 Additional information

Finish Sanding

We finish-ready sand our Butcherblock Countertops to 180 grit with an orbit sander on its face and all finished edges before we apply the finish.

Oversized Pieces

Please note that any piece over 40 inches in width (3.33 feet) or 144 inches in length (12 feet) is considered oversized. 

  • Oversized pieces will incur additional handling and materials charges
  • Oversized pieces require additional crafting time

If you need an oversized countertop please let us know well in advance of its required due date so that we can schedule accordingly.

Templating (within Vermont only)

We offer a Templating service within Vermont.  Templating refers to obtaining the measurements of the space you want to install your custom Butcherblock Countertop. These include taking EXACT measurements of:

  • Length and width of counter(s)
  • Length between counter(s) and wall(s)
  • Any irregular corners, curves, or protrusions along wall surface(s)
  • Location of sink(s) or appliance(s)
  • Any other desired options

The templating process takes roughly 1-2 hours, and requires a member of our team to visit the location you wish to install.  To ensure the final product meets your unique vision, we request that the customer be there as well. 

If applicable, we need exact specifications of each cutout - which are typically supplied by the sink or stove manufacturer.

If we are installing your Butcherblock Countertop, we will contact you to set up a time once the countertop is completed to your specifications.

For a full description of this process please review the templating and installation form here. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please feel free to call or email us!

To order a custom Butcherblock Countertop:


  1. Complete the order form and draw out your design on our CUSTOM ORDER AND LAYOUT  FORM
  2. E-mail a picture / scan your drawing to