Our Philosophy

At the Vermont Butcherblock Company we hand craft our custom Butcherblock Countertops to the highest standards by:
  • starting with high-quality wood

  • employing incredibly talented craftsmen

  • paying strict attention to every detail

Butcherblock Countertops are perfect for a kitchen that gets a lot of use, as they are sturdy, strong, and resilient. Besides their functionality, the unique patterns in each piece adds unmatched beauty to the rest of the room.  When installed and maintained properly, your Butcherblock Countertop can last for decades.


While we can make Butcherblock out of any species of wood, we love nothing more than the look of solid Hard Maple responsibly harvested from within Vermont - the Green Mountain State. These are the same trees that provide the delicious Vermont Maple Syrup our state is famous for, as well as contribute to our vibrant fall foliage and the beautiful rolling green hills that are the backdrop of our state's working landscape. 

Our Maple Butcherblock is a true Vermont product. The wood is

  • harvested from Maple Trees grown in Vermont
  • logged and trucked by Vermonters
  • milled in Vermont mills
  • dried in Vermont kilns
  • built by Vermont Craftsman


Our shop is located in South Burlington, Vermont, which is nestled between the beautiful shores of Lake Champlain and the breathtaking vista of the Green Mountains. We are a small, close-knit shop - not a factory - which allows us to focus on providing you with the highest quality product available.  Each piece of wood is hand selected for its color and character (we never use filler to make up for blemishes or gaps) before being crafted to your exact specifications.  We only use full length strips of wood, never the small segmented pieces of wood often seen in lower quality butcherblock.