Vermont Butcher Block

Trio Combination of Smoking Blocks


Got some steaming and smoking projects coming up? This is the product for you. Our wood smoking blocks are made from the same high quality kiln dried lumber that we use for all of our kitchen products. Soak about 8-10 blocks in your favorite liquid, then put them in a small foil boat on the grilling surface and watch the steam and flavor come out of the wood. The steam and smoke imparts it's flavor and aroma on the food you choose to pair them up with. Lighter woods such as Cherry and Maple work well with fish and chicken, while Walnut works great with pork, beef and heavier cuts. For $30 we will ship you one bag of each flavor (one bag of cherry blocks, one maple, and one walnut--over 6 pounds of smoking blocks!). That's $2 off each bag!