Maple trees contribute to the beautiful Fall Foliage in Vermont's Lake Dunmore area.

Why choose Vermont Maple for your countertop?

Vermont sourced Maple is good in so many ways!

While Vermont's official motto is "Freedom and Unity", we are defined by the Green Mountain range that runs the entire length of the state. This is appropriate, since not only are these mountains responsible for our name - Vert (Green) Mont (Mountain) - they are the working landscape that forms the backbone of Vermont! With over 75% of Vermont land being forest we take pride in being good stewards of this important natural resource.

While Vermont is home to a variety of tree species, we have the highest concentration of the Acer Saccharum tree in the United States, which is why it is the official Vermont State Tree. Known as the Sugar Maple or Hard Maple, this tree provides the yellow and orange colors to our famous fall foliage each year AND enables us to be the leading producer of Maple Syrup in the US. While most people think these trees are only good for making maple syrup and adding beautiful colors to our Fall Foliage, they are used for many different things - including making some of the most beautiful kitchen countertops and islands you will ever see.

We purchase the majority of our maple lumber from Gagnon Lumber, a family-owned lumber mill Sustainable Forestry - To manage forests in a way that not only meets our needs now, but also meets the needs of generations to come.located in Pittsford, Vermont. This family-owned business practices Sustainable Forestry, and is certified to the standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council®, which is an international program intended to protect the forests of the world. This voluntary certification demonstrates their commitment to Vermont's working landscape, which is why we are proud to work with them.

Another reason we like to use Vermont-sourced Maple lumber is that it drastically reduces the number of fossil fuels used to obtain it compared to Maple which is sourced from out-of-state. Vermont is 157 miles long from the Canadian border to Massachusetts and 90 miles across at its widest section between New York and New Hampshire. This means that the trek from forest to millshop is rarely more than 200 miles.

Vermont Hard Maple Butcherblock countertops are very durable - when properly crafted and cared for they can last for generations. With their neutral color, they fit almost all kitchen styles - as time passes and styles change you can refresh your kitchen by changing the decor or hardware, not your countertop! This feature alone makes it not only more economical in the long run, but also more eco-friendly. In this age where many things are considered disposable, you can rest assured that this countertop will last your lifetime...and beyond!

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