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  • Vermont Butcherblock Company Countertops feature full length strips of wood, allowing for the natural beauty of the wood grain pattern to be on full display.
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Unfinished Cherry Butcherblock Countertop

Butcher block countertop made from Cherry hardwood

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Grain Type

Sturdy, strong, and resilient, our Cherry Butcherblock is hand crafted to exacting specifications. Because we are a small workshop (not a big factory) we are able to hand select each piece of wood for each individual butcherblock item in order to provide grain patterns that best complement each other.

In addition, we only use full lengths of wood when making butcherblock tops. Because we do not glue random short pieces of wood together to make longer strips (as might be found in lower quality products), Vermont Butcherblock Company tops are better looking and of the highest quality.

Current lead times (Summer/Fall 2021) for hand making these items is 8 weeks.  Please allow an additional 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.

Please read this important information before ordering unfinished butcher block countertops.


Your Butcherblock Countertop will arrive "unfinished" - meaning no finish has been applied to protect the wood from damage or moisture, and it has been sanded to 120 grit only. Prior to installation, your Butcherblock Countertop will need to be finish sanded to at least 220 grit with an orbital sander, as well as have your desired finish applied. You will need to either do this yourself or have someone do it for you.

Depth 25.5"
Thickness 1.5 inches
Edge style Square
Corner style Square
Sanding Wide-belt sanded to 120 grit
Finish None

Grain Type

Edge grain

  • The narrower side of a length of wood that is cut so one side is wider than the other
    • The surface shows more of a straight line grain pattern
    • When single strips of wood are used, the grain runs the entire length of the Butcherblock, providing a consistent pattern
    • Looks more like a "traditional" butcher block, with 1.5" wide strips of wood

Face grain

  • Also referred to as "Plank".
  • This is the wider side of a length of wood that is cut so one side is wider than the other
    • The surface has a wide grain pattern and shows naturally occurring swirls and/or ovals in the wood
    • Looks more like a tabletop, with 4" - 6" wide wood planks


Unfinished wood will check, crack, and/or "cup" due to moisture moving in and out of the wood.  This occurs during changes in seasons as well as changes in humidity levels.  To avoid these issues use a high quality, long lasting and durable penetrating oil finish. Click on the appropriate link below for instructions on finishing your Butcherblock Countertop with one of these recommended lines of finishes from Sutherland Welles Ltd.®. 

We do not recommend using mineral oil

Apply the same amount of finish to all surfaces, sides, and ends of your Butcherblock Countertop 


Check out our YouTube video on how to install our Butcherblock Countertops.