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  • The Marsh boards are small enough for your coffee table, yet large enough for a variety of your favorite charcuterie!
  • The Marsh charcuterie board features a raised bottom with carved handles in each end for easy lifting and carrying.
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The Vermont Butcherblock Company

The Marsh Collection - Single Handle

Charcuterie Board with handles, made from Black Walnut hardwood.

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Bring beauty and sophistication to your next get-together with the perfect charcuterie board - The Marsh Collection. The Marsh boards are small enough for your coffee table, yet large enough for a variety of your favorite meats & cheeses!

Made from a single piece of Black Walnut hardwood, each board features two live edges along the front and back sides. The live edges are gracefully blended with a stylish curve on each end of the board. Perfectly placed handles cut into each end make for easy lifting and carrying. 

These beautiful Marsh Collection boards will appear to be floating on whatever surface you place it on, making them easy to pick up and set down without pinching your fingers.  We accomplished this by carefully designing and cutting an elevated pattern onto the bottom of the board. 

Finally, each Marsh Collection board is finished with an all natural Beeswax & Mineral Oil finish.

Each board is a sturdy 1 1/4" (3 cms) thick and 20" (51 cms) in length. The cutting surface is considered the distance between the two handles, which is a consistent 15 1/2" (39 cms).

Because we use a single piece of wood with two live edges, the width of the boards is never the same!  They are typically between 11- to 15-inches (28 to 38 cms), but may not be that wide for the entire length of the board. Medium boards are those with an average width up to 13-inches (33 cms). Large boards have an average width larger than 13-inches (33 cms).

  • Whenever the board begins to get a rough, dried out look you can wipe the board with our Vermont Butcherblock Company Tung Oil Polish.
  • Do not put board in a dishwasher.
  • Hand wash with soapy water, and dry immediately and completely. DO NOT submerge the board in the water!
  • Store the board in a dry area away from direct sunlight, and well away from your stove to avoid excess heat.

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